Services for Oil Producers

Introducing sieBooks has created sieBooks, a completely automated accounts payable process that opens incoming emails from vendors, and stores the invoice information in the sieBooks database. This centralized invoicing information can be made available to the company’s workflow process for coding, verification and approval.

iEnergy’s energy and oil & gas consulting back office founders have been streamlining transactional operations for energy companies for more than a decade. In an era of frequent mergers and restructuring, outsourcing has become a reliable and convenient solution to issues of oil & gas accounting continuity, in the day-to-day business of transactional processing and reporting.



Efficiency-Gains using sieBooks

Easy data entry through numerous lookups and vendor profile calibration that provide initial coding. Just set the time interval for monitoring your email inbox and the system imports, and interprets the invoices for you and saves information to your database!

Automatic synchronization between the QuickBooks® list files and the owner, vendor, well and expense code files in the sieBooks Integrated Edition.

Vendor invoice numbers are validated against invoices in QuickBooks®. Duplicate invoices cannot be promoted in this process.

Approved invoices are exported to The Disbursement and JIB Manager/ QuickBooks® with one click.


Time-saving Features: Seamless Integration with Quickbooks®

Revenue distribution checks are posted to QuickBooks® check register with full details.

Joint interest billing statements post to QuickBooks® as accounts receivable invoices.

Wells are defined as classes within QuickBooks®, which allows several new possibilities for reports using QuickBooks® reporting.

Company financials will now report on revenue distribution and joint interest billing.

Automatic synchronization between the QuickBooks® list files and the owner, vendor, well and expense code files in the Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition.

Revenue entry in the Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition will create check register deposit entries in QuickBooks®.

Account lookups are based on the QuickBooks® chart of accounts.

Bills added through the Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition will create a corresponding bill in QuickBooks® ready to be paid.

Outsourcing Services

1.) Improved efficiency and profitability
2.) A skilled, right-sized staff, needed for your energy or oil & gas firm
3.) Reduced headcount and benefits obligations
4.) Predictable budgeting costs
5.) Lower costs for information technology, and,
6.) The freedom to focus on strategic activities.

Always working in the best interests of our individual clients, iEnergy has the industry experience needed to assist with all oil and gas outsourcing needs, best practice expertise and high-quality technology necessary to function as a full-service back office provider.



The Disbursement and JIB Manager Integrated Edition

Stop double entering your data with our instant QuickBooks® integration.

Enter your data in SherWare; click Save; see it appear in QuickBooks® immediately!

Track your oil and gas distributions in SherWare, while paying bills and tracking your accounting in your own QuickBooks® Company.



Make your job easier

Easy-to-use interface with a true Windows® program

Easy data entry through numerous lookups and QuickFill® - just start typing and the system fills the rest in for you automatically!

Automatically calculate severance and production taxes

Automatically calculate compression and gathering charges

Reconcile gas meters with a master station

Flexible division of interests with up to six different types of revenue decks and eight expense decks

User modifiable check formats allows you to use your own check stocks

Print any report including owner operating statements before or after the revenue and expenses have been closed. Past data can easily be printed at any time.