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Wholesale Marketing & Trading

Wholesale power trading opportunities are prevalent, therefore creating a more competitive environment in the industry. The market dynamics have allowed Space City Energy Management to assist customers in the ERCOT who have to purchase a percentage of their loads from Women Minority Business Enterprise companies.

Power Retail Aggregation

The cost of electricity is a major concern for both the supplier and the consumer. As a result of deregulation in the electric industry, the advantages of power aggregation for suppliers and buyers has become more apparent. SCEM helps customers in deregulated areas reduce their energy costs by aggregating loads for third party suppliers in order to beat tariff rates.

Wholesale Gas Origination

SCEM’s fundamental goal is to market natural Gas in North America and Canada. We specialize in offering structured physical products such as storage Park & Loans and price ceilings and floors. SCEM specializes in embedding natural gas pricing structures around the buying policy of the utility company or industrial end-user. SCEM's focus is on identifying markets on a national level with companies that have mandates, or corporate commitments to do business with Women Minority Business Enterprise firms.

Natural Gas Retail Aggregation

SCEM is involved in aggregating natural gas loads on a national level and educating customers in deregulated states on how to reduce their energy cost by contracting with a third party supplier. SCEM can also lower customer rates by monitoring and maintaining a back office management system specializing in supply scheduling, electronic data interchange nominations, and balancing of supply. This system, developed by Enesys, allows industrial companies to purchase natural gas at wholesale prices, which in turn lowers its cost of commodity.

Back-Office Gas Systems

Joshua Core System

Contact & Contract Management (Multiple Commodities)
Customer & Vendor Maintenance
Price Maintenance
Load Estimation & Supply Aggregation
Meter Data Collection
Deal Maintenance
Credit & Risk Management
Nomination, Scheduling and Balancing
Transportation Optimization
Electronic Data Interchange
Billing, Taxes, Prior Period Adjustments 
Sub-Ledger Accounting
Interfaces to your Accounting System  Reporting


Customer Information System

Contract Maintenance
Price Maintenance
Payments & Deposit Processing
Sales Commission Tracking
Billing & Taxes
Rate Schedule Maintenance
Single or Dual Billing
Electronic Interfaces to & from LDC’s
EneSys On-Line
Bill Presentment
Payment Acceptance
Credit Card
Bill & Payment History 
Add-on to your Web-site
Customizable Corporate Skin
Lowers Cost of Customer Service



SCEM is committed to helping industrial customers meet or beat their internal energy budgets. SCEM assists customers by eliminating speculative purchasing strategies, thus reducing the effects of price volatility. SCEM develops customized programs tailored to meet an industrial customer's energy needs and eliminate fluctuations of commodity pricing. SCEM Provides supply management services to help industrial customers recognize a cost savings by out-sourcing their supply management needs, which lowers their cost by buying wholesale gas instead of retail delivered gas. SCEM’s leadership team has significant industry experience and adheres to the highest of ethical standards.

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