Natural Gas & Power Consultants

Space City Energy Marketing (SCEM) specializes in the marketing of structured products in gas and power for mid-level marketing companies who need the expertise of an industry professional with an entrepreneur spirit. SCEM has been managing Sierra Southwest's gas buying, daily balancing, scheduling, and customer retention since 2003. Sierra is a Not-For-Profit Cooperative which one of the benefits in doing business with them if you are an end-user that does at least a year deal you could potentially receive rebates back if Sierra has a profitable year. Sierra contracted SCEM to manage their gas needs because of the wholesale and retail trading experience and relationships with producers in the industry. SCEM helps Sierra supply gas from wellhead to burner tip by circumventing the marketer. Thus resulting in lower prices for customers.

SCEM 's founder, while at Texaco, started a mentor program working directly with the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT) focusing on the development of the back office and trading infrastructure. This would empower CERT to help the Tribal Producer to take all of their natural gas and oil in-kind in the United States. Unlike several others larger companies which only focus on long-term lease agreements with the Tribes to achieve corporate goals, SCEM is more interested in seeing Tribes achieve energy sufficiency on their own.

As quoted in Red Earth Magazine, SCEM's viewpoint is different from other companies. They want the Tribes to let their company manage the gas for the tribe while SCEM's standpoint is to empower Tribes through their CERT organization. By doing so, it will give the Tribes the ability to manage their own energy future. It is good long-term business to empower your business partners. As the Tribes are empowered, SCEM's business with them will grow.

SCEM is currently working with Fort Peck Tribe, Wesley Oil & Gas of the Stoney Tribe of Canada, and other Indian land owners in which by partnering with SCEM, it has shown the tribes the benefits of taking their gas and oil in-kind to market all their natural resources. SCEM has begun a start up training program for the Tribal Nation to learn all facets of the energy business. SCEM has entered into a Joint venture with First Nation Petroleum in order to build a Tribal minority owned trading and marketing company.



Space City Energy Marketing

is an energy marketing company focused on the Wholesale natural gas and electric power business in North America.

SCEM’s marketing strategy is to partner with credit-worthy companies in the energy business and educate them on how to extract the highest margins at the end of the wholesale market value chain and transacts on their behalf with SCEM’s establish end user customer group.

SCEM focuses on wholesale power trading and marketing, retail power aggregation, wholesale natural gas marketing, and price risk management.